About us

 The Movie Prop Vault specializes in original entertainment memorabilia from film and television. The MPV is owned and curated by Ryan Dustin, who has been a collector and dealer for nearly a decade and deals in original props, costumes, art, production material and other various film memorabilia. 

Ryan began collecting screen used props in 2009, sparked by the sci-fi hit TV show Stargate SG-1. Buying and selling over the years, Ryan built up an impressive personal collection, and soon made connections in the film industry who assisted him in both acquiring and authenticating pieces. When he first began, he never imagined it would lead to owning some of the most iconic pieces of film, everything from Harry Potter wands, Star Wars lightsabers, Captain America's shield and even classic muscle cars from the Fast and Furious series. Ryan has used his unique skills to assist film studios in tracking down original props to use in film & television, as well as on display in museums, clubs and restaurants. 

With a passion for not just collecting, Ryan lends his expertise assisting fellow collectors. Whether that be helping to track down and research pieces or getting them professionally restored/preserved, properly displayed and into appreciative homes. These are important pieces of film history and pop culture that deserve proper care and respect.